What Do You Think About Land?

Man in FieldHow much time are you spending thinking about land? How about soil and crop information? Or aerial photography of properties?  Probably not very much at all. As a REALTOR®, you’re mostly concerned with what sits on top of the land. Not the land itself.

But “land” is a small word that encompasses a lot of real estate assets, including timber land, farm land, vineyards, ranches, waterfront, and much more. Every type of land comes with its own list of challenges and opportunities. As a growing subset of REALTORS® gains specialization in this field, the REALTORS® Land Institute is there to support them.

The REALTORS® Land Institute is dedicated to supporting the real estate professionals who broker, lease, sell, and develop land with the tools they need for success. One of those tools is the Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) Designation, a prestigious designation awarded to land specialists who complete a rigorous education program as well as achieve a volume of successful land transactions. REALTORS® with the ALC designation receive access to valuable membership benefits, from referral opportunities to discounts and special services.

Some people may be skeptical. It’s just dirt, they say. Why do you need a dirt specialist? To them we say, how wrong you are! Land buyers and investors need more than a licensed real estate professional; they need a land sales expert, with the experience and understanding to guide them through a real estate transaction unlike any other.

An ALC can provide the following benefits to a buyer:

  • Structure deals, including tax deferred exchanges, to achieve the desired tax and subsidy benefits
  • Provide creative insights and recommendations regarding the highest and best use of a client’s land property
  • Create problem-solving strategies when clients face a land asset challenge, from site selection to land assemblage
  • Ensure that each land transaction aligns with current laws and regulations that affect the sale and purchase of land

As many satisfied customers have already discovered, working with an ALC is the best guarantee for a seamless land purchase.