Handy Apps for REALTORS®

Any smart phone user will tell you that the best feature of owning one is…the apps!

Did you know that in addition to fun games, there are many apps that are actually useful for REALTORS®? We’ve put together a list of apps that we think will make your job a little easier.

Manage Your Mobile Office

  • The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® Member Guide app provides you with exclusive access to the information you need most: the latest benefits, your association contact information, educational programs, advocacy updates and more. Use the app to customize your membership card and get the latest info on events from your primary State and Local Associations. [iPhone/iPad]
  • Docusign is a must-have for agents. It allows clients to sign documents electronically, rather than in person or by fax! [Apple iTunes (coming soon to Android)]
  • Do you need to design a presentation for an upcoming conference? You don’t need to drag out your laptop. Try Keynote! This is a powerful presentation app that you can use on your mobile iOS device to create charts and world-class presentations. [Apple iTunes]
  • How many of us have to try to remember to email those important documents to our phone so we can access them while mobile, or carry a zip drive with us? With the Dropbox app, there’s no need to worry. Install Dropbox on your home computer and your mobile device, and any document saved in the folder will be accessible to you from your mobile device or any computer! [Apple iTunes, Android, Blackberry]
  • REALTORS® are always on the move, and sometimes we can’t find a moment to write out a thought we had about a property, or even an email to a client. Enter Dragon Dictation. This app allows you to speak into your phone, and will type out the words for you! [Apple iTunes, Blackberry]
  • Dictionary of Real Estate Terms is a convenient and user-friendly tool which includes definitions for both realty and immovable property terms. [Android, Apple iTunes, Blackberry]

Do the Math

  • Real Estate Back of the Envelope is an app that was designed by Real Estate Professionals, for Real Estate Professionals. It is a financial valuation and analysis tool that allows you to calculate the analysis needed for any commercial real estate deal. [Apple iTunes, Blackberry]
  • With RECalc, you can calculate the monthly payment term, interest rate, annual property tax, down payment amount/percentage, homeowner’s insurance, and more! [Apple iTunes]

Managing the Client Relationship

  • Suburb Scout offers a way to quickly determine possible nuisances near a property – railroad tracks, sewage plants, airports, and more. This is helpful for both REALTORS® and clients! [Android]
  • With Tour Narrator, you can instantly capture client feedback about a property using photos, notes, and voice memos to note buyer comments after showing a property. [Apple iTunes]
  • Home Tracker is an app designed for the home buyer, but it can certainly be a help to the REALTOR as well. With this app, the client can keep track of the homes that they’ve seen throughout the day, making the experience less overwhelming. [Apple iTunes]
  • Phone Measures is a great tool for REALTORS® and their clients. Want to show a client the features and dimensions of a space? This app allows you to take a picture while viewing the property, draw in measurements, zoom in on specific features, and add comments about the space. [Apple iTunes]
  • When a client is looking at a property, it is important to know about the businesses and services offered in the area. Yelp is a great tool when you need to advise a client about their area of interest. Don’t forget to use the app to market your services as well! [Apple iTunes, Android, Blackberry]

Marketing Your Business

  • Recake is a service that allows you to create an app for your clients. The app can include your branding and contact information on all property pages, as well as MLS search-IDX data and property details. From the agent panel, you can see your clients’ favorite properties, and notes made about the property as well. [Recake.com]
  • Use the Vyoo.it service to create QR codes, directing people to property listings via their iPhone or Android-based device. The QR code can be easily shared on flyers, newspaper articles, the For Sale sign, on your website, or though any method used to promote a property. When scanned, the client will be directed to a mobile-friendly page with all of the property information. [Vyoo.it]

We hope that you’ll find these apps help you run your business more effectively, and more efficiently as well. Don’t forget about the helpful apps provided on the NAR website as well!

Have you discovered any apps that have helped you manage your real estate business? Share them with us in the comments!

Lowe’s and NAR now offer an exclusive marketing tool for REALTORS®. With the Lowe’s REALTOR® Program, you’ll have access to a free system that allows you to give sellers and new homeowners coupons and rebates to use at Lowe’s. With this app, you can send personalized direct mail coupons and e-coupons to your buyers and sellers directly from your cell phone or other handheld device. Versions are available on Blackberry, Android, and iPhone here.

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