REALTOR® Guide: Designations and Certifications

We are committed to giving our members the edge they need to thrive as a REALTOR®.  One way we accomplish this mission is by offering REALTOR® Designation and Certification courses.  Successfully completing a Designation or Certification course will give you specialized expertise and an opportunity to expand your client base.  You’ll find these certifications are an excellent way to build your business in any economy.

We’ve compiled a list of all our Certification options to make it easy for you to find the one that matches your interest, market, and expertise.

Accredited Buyer’s Representative / ABR®

Some of the most challenging tasks REALTORS® face involves representing their buyers.
The Accredited Buyer’s Representative / ABR® certification helps you gain a deeper understanding of the home buyer’s needs and how REALTORS® can better serve them. Through a 2-day course which can be completed online or in class, you will receive unique insights and information to stay on top of current issues and trends in the home buying market.

Certified International Property Specialist / CIPS®

For REALTORS® who work abroad, the Certified International Property Specialist / CIPS® training course is a must. This certification program gathers 2,500 real estate professionals from 50 countries who are global practitioners for NAR.

The CIPS® designation trains REALTORS® to better serve international markets by studying culture, foreign exchange rates, legal issues and more.

NAR’s Green Designation / GREEN

Buyers and sellers are getting more savvy about the environmental impact of their properties. The NAR Green Designation was developed to provide ongoing education and training to REALTORS® so they can market properties with green features to their fullest potential. Through this certification, you will learn a range of green issues including sustainability, green building science, and more.

Seniors Real Estate Specialist®, SRES®

Did you know the fastest growing market in real estate are clients over the age of 50? Are you certain you have the skills required to both profitably and ethically serve the unique needs and interests of this demographic? To be certain, consider taking Seniors Real Estate Specialist®, SRES®. Through this certification program, you will gain access to valuable benefits and resources to serve this important community.


Building your brand online is critical. If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed by the notion of expanding your branding to the digital realm, you’re not alone. NAR’s e-PRO® Certification Program empowers you to use the latest technology to your advantage. You will quickly learn how to connect and build relationships with the most digitally savvy real estate customers. This is a two day training course that will prepare you for years of digital evolution in the real estate marketplace.

Resort & Second-Home Property Specialist / RSPS

Some REALTORS® think selling resort and second property homes is a walk in the park. On the contrary, it’s one of the more difficult markets to tap-into and requires a particular set of skills in order to be successful. You can obtain these skills as well as a certification to show prospective clients through the RSPS (Resort & Second-Home Property Specialist) certification of NAR. You’ll learn what it takes to effectively market investment homes, development homes, retirement homes, and more.

Short Sales & Foreclosures Resource / SFR

Short sales and foreclosures are rapidly becoming some of the most popular transactions in real estate. REALTORS® who are experienced in these markets will tell you there are multiple layers of complexity that surround these transactions. Through NAR’s Short Sales & Foreclosures Resource / SFR you will be equipped with the tools and training to be successful in this highly sensitive market. Most importantly, this training will help you build the confidence to successfully close these transactions.

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