Diversity in Real Estate

FlagsAmerica is more diverse than it has been at any other time in our nation’s history. As a result, ethnic homeowner growth has become critical to sustaining housing markets across the country.

Minorities account for 40% of first-time homebuyers. That adds up to a lot of new customers during a time when earning the confidence of a potential homebuyer is more complex than it used to be.The REALTOR® of the 21st century knows that multicultural outreach is a key element of a successful real estate practice. That’s why the Diversity resources provided on REALTOR.org should be a key element of any REALTOR’S® toolbox.

Here’s a list of the tools and information we’ve developed to help you.

  • Fair Housing – Striving to make the benefits of real property ownership available to all.
  • Diversity Initiative Grants – Financial support for programs and activities that position REALTORS® as leaders in our increasingly diverse communities.
  • Diversity Training – Educational opportunities to help REALTORS® succeed in today’s real estate market, including the At Home with Diversity® Certification, which teaches those involved in daily real estate transactions how to best serve diverse consumers.
  • Becoming a Real Estate Policy Fellow – Working with the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, and the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies to champion legislation that promotes home ownership.

REALTORS® who can adapt to cultural diversity in the market and establish a strong presence in communities with high concentrations of foreign-born and other minority residents gain a competitive edge. We’ve all seen the data, minority homeownership will continue to grow in the years to come. Use the resources provided by REALTOR.org to develop clients and customers in the growing immigrant and minority population and ensure the continued success of your practice.