19 Ways to Outshine the Competition

Everyone knows there’s always room for improvement. Sometimes it’s a little thing and sometimes it’s a change in strategy or philosophy. Here are 19 ways you can outshine the competition.

1. Do the Little Things Right in Social Media

Social media is about being social – always keep that in mind. When others are pushing listing like crazy, be the social one in the room. Share information, ask opinions, don’t be afraid to post things that interest you but aren’t necessarily about real estate, and remember – always be social.

2. Supercharge Your Email Campaign

Take time to optimize your email marketing messages. Make it easy to subscribe, have a clear call to action, and give the recipient clear ways to follow you in the social space or contact you directly.

3. Always Be Open to Growth

The way to stay ahead of the competition is to constantly learn and evolve. Read as much as you can about the industry and learn from the experts. NAR offers a number of educational opportunities for members that can’t be beat.

4. Use YouTube

YouTube is the number two search engine in the world. The opportunity is there to get lots of views and create a lot of engagement. You don’t even have to shoot video – put together a slideshow with captions or basic narration.

5. Make Your Brand Shine

Is your brand as good as it can be? Update your business cards, stationary, website, and marketing materials to reflect who you are as a REALTOR®.

6. Make Them Remember You

Stay in touch with past clients and stay active to create new leads. Make them remember you by connecting on and offline. Keep your name in their minds for when they need your services again.

7. Brand Your Twitter Page

Twitter allows some customization so why not take advantage to help brand yourself a little better. Select a distinctive thumbnail to represent you, be sure to fill out your bio, and design a background that includes all your contact information for prospective clients.

8. Use Photos and Video on Facebook

Facebook is about telling stories and nothing tells stories like photos and video. Set up albums of your recent listings or happy clients in front of their new homes. Post videos that will engage your community – even if they aren’t related to real estate.

9. Make Your Website Shine

If you have a website, be sure that’s it clean, clear, and easy to navigate. Make sure it’s also easy for people to find your contact information, follow you on social networks, and see any content you’ve created like videos or blogs.

10. Get on LinkedIn

The social network for professionals, LinkedIn is a great way to connect with colleagues in the industry to help build relationships that can help you down the road. You can keep an eye on the competition, while also building a network to support you down the road. Network with over 40,000 REALTORS® on the National Association of REALTORS® LinkedIn Group.

11. Add That Personal Touch

Be the REALTOR® who is known for their personal touch. Send hand written notes to clients on special occasions, give out pumpkins at Halloween and be sure to send a housewarming gift after closing.

12. Optimize Your Website for Search

Search engine optimization (SEO) will help people who are looking for real estate online find your site. Include keywords that describe your services, what your specialties are and where you’re located. You want to be the first site that pops up when a prospective client is on Google.

13. Make the Most of Your Open House

First impressions are important and many prospective buyers either fall in love or out of love with a house within minutes of setting foot through the door. Help prospective buyers make an emotional connection to the home and make the most out of your open houses.

14. Blog

Be an industry thought leader and create a blog. If you’re already blogging, take it one step further and become an expert blogger. Plan your content in advance, constantly check industry trends, and create insightful and relevant copy.

15. Get Involved in the Community

By getting involved in your community, you’ll not only do some good, but also meet a lot of people and develop new contacts. Volunteer at any number of organizations in your area and donate your time to good causes.

16. Capture a Niche

Seniors, singles, for sale by owners – there might be a niche in your area that is being underserviced which you can step in and dominate. Do some research and see if you can be the go-to resource to help these niche markets in real estate.

17. Engage with Other Blogs

Rather than just posting to your own blog, comment on other real estate blogs and develop relationships with other thought leaders. This could lead to guest posts on their blog, helping you reach a wider audience.

18. Learn to Write a Great Home Description

Studies show that nearly 90% of buyers use the internet in their research. Catch their attention with great home descriptions using key terms to describe the highlights of each home using brief concise wording, and using abbreviations when possible.

19. Update Your Picture

Has it been a few years since you had a nice headshot taken? Unless you’re in love with the pic, it might be a good idea to take a new photograph every few years. There’s nothing worse than an outdated photo that looks like it was taken decades ago.

What tips do you have to outshine the competition? Is there one thing you think you do better than anyone in your territory? Let’s help each other improve – share your tips with us in the comments.

  1. Like many, I’m good at some of these items, and working on improvement with others. Currently I’m working more on No. 17, and meeting other bloggers out there!

  2. This list of nineteen items is just about perfect. Too perfect.Those who get their business through personal networking will select from the above list those items that support their “sphere of influence” networking activites like numbers 1,6,7,8,10,11,13 and 15.
    Those who get their business through marketing activities will select numbers 2,4,9,12,14,16,17
    Expecting a personal networker who has gone through life depending on who they know for business to all of a sudden start marketing to who they don’t know is unrealistic.

  3. It is amazing how all those little elements add up. I have seen it happen.

  4. Dee Greene Hill

    I think this list is a great reminder about the things that we can be doing to differentiate ourselves amongst the competition. Thanks for sharing!

  5. It is difficult to make time and it takes time to implement tips and marketing ideas. By blocking off time on my daily/weekly calendar dedicated to marketing helps me not forget the other aspects of this business especially in busy times.

  6. Yes I agree-It is a ‘discipline’ !