6 Productivity Tips for New REALTORS®

Every day you face the challenge of juggling hundreds of decisions while minimizing distractions.  You are at your best when you have a plan that maximizes your strengths with diligent planning and support.

The best way to maximize the opportunity in your market is to focus on being as productive as possible.

Here are six simple productivity tips you can use today:

Focus Your Territory

Focus on your territory to ensure you find and attract the best listings. Overextending yourself will make it much harder to stay on top of everything. Focus on your territory, do your research and add to your list of contacts by networking. Establishing these strong relationships is key, especially in commercial real estate. You’ll become an expert on property prices, sales history, and demographics.

Establish Good Habits

General productivity tips are always helpful to establishing good habits. Choose one to two big goals each day that will move you forward and cross them off your list at the end of each day. Then, make a To Do list for the next day and clear the decks – file anything you need to archive and be sure you’ve crossed everything off your list. Also maintain a comprehensive database of current and past customers with notes to help you remember details for the future.

Control Your Time

Start your day with a plan. Consult your To Do list and choose the tasks you definitely need to accomplish that day. Some say that 20% of your efforts produce 80% of your results, so make it a priority to cross those items off your list as soon as possible. Beware of time consuming tasks like email and social media, which can absorb hours out of each day and if you’re working in the office try to limit socializing. Make it a point to obsessively use a planner to track your appointments and tasks and constantly update it throughout the day. You’ll notice patterns of productivity as well as be able to plan around meetings and other responsibilities.

Streamline Technology

Mobile phone, desktop computer, laptop, iPad – the information and applications you need aren’t always on one device. What happens if you need an essential piece of information but it’s stuck on your personal computer at home? Or you left a phone number on a piece of paper at the office? It’s hard to avoid these situations all the time, but taking steps to streamline technology can make you more efficient and prevent annoying delays. Most popular programs offer applications for mobile devices which you can synch with your laptop. You can find additional applications to manage your mobile office here.

Use Open Houses Effectively

You’ve prepared an open house, but between signing people in and playing a good host, there are slow periods at every open house to get work done. Stick to your business goals at each open house, but use this time to prepare for the week. Knock out persistent To Do’s or take the time to brush up on personal R&D by reading industry articles or researching new technology.


All work and no play will make you a dull REALTOR®. Carve out time in each day to recharge your batteries and break up the work routine. Don’t just rely on coffee. Take a quick break every hour or so to stretch your legs, do a few back twists and take your eyes off your computer. If you can, schedule the occasional meeting outside the office to break up the work week or instead of sending an email or making a phone call to a coworker, stroll by their office and chat. If you schedule these breaks like you would important business meetings, you’ll ensure you stay productive and mitigate stress.

Do you have any additional tips you use to stay productive? Share them with us in the comments and let’s continue the conversation!

  1. Charles McDougle

    Great common sense tips, some I already do or am aware of. I can’t wait to implement with purpose.