8 Top Features of the New REALTOR.org

NAR launched a new and improved REALTOR.org website with a new emphasis on you, the member. We think you’ll find it easier to find the information you’re looking for, keep track of the topics that matter to you most and experience all that we have to offer on a beautiful, dynamic website.

8 Top Features of the New REALTOR.org

1. Built using Responsive Web Design, REALTOR.org responds to any device your using, no matter the brand, operating system or screen resolution. That means your REALTOR.org experience will be the same on your laptop or on your mobile device.

2. The new REALTOR.org allows you to customize your homepage with the topics and areas that are most valuable to you. These topics remain at the top of your homepage, cutting down on the time and effort you spend finding the content you want when you want it.

3. As we add new features, this ongoing personalization will allow members to view and consume content you want without cluttering up your web experience. Add or delete categories at any time to choose your optimal experience, from appraisal, events, global information, technology and research and statistics – keep the subjects you want at the top of the page.

4. Our page redesign radically improves the way information is presented to our members. Pages are crisp and clean and are surrounded by links to related, relevant content. This will help you dig deeper into subjects and make sure you don’t miss any reports or statistics we’ve produced surrounding a given topic.

5. Pushing the technology envelope, REALTOR.org offers an advanced audio and video experience, while also enabling members to interact with charts and information like never before. We’re committed to providing a more interactive experience in the future with more infographics and engaging multimedia content.

6. Finding the content you want has never been easier. The REALTOR.org archives and search functions are improved and whether you’re looking for statistics, information on short sales or the latest marketing trends, you’ll have a much easier time locating what you need on the new site. Each category brings up the top eight articles associated with it, including a bold headline and brief synopsis. You’re one click away from everything you need.

7. You can still access all the old NAR articles and information, now archived and available to members on our archive site. You can review archived information related to sales and marketing, land use and environment, or education – it’s all still there – indexed and easily accessible.

8. The new REALTOR.org relies heavily on analytics, user testing and feedback to continuously improve the user experience for our members. Popular topics will be easier to find and we’ll be able to constantly optimize your REALTOR.org experience.

We want your feedback to help us improve the site. After all, we designed REALTOR.org for you. Leave your comments below or head to the website and click the green tab on the right to help us improve the site.

  1. These 8 features, I will keep it in mind. These are very beneficial for me.

  2. Nancy Fish

    Pleased to see NAR offering great technology
    Resources to members.
    Thank you