REALTOR® Guide to Going Mobile

With the predominance of mobile technology and the ability to access any and all information from a mobile device or tablet, the office is at your fingertips 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Gone are the days when a REALTOR® found themselves at a listing needing a valuable piece of information that was on a computer in the office or scribbled on a piece of paper at home. Today’s technology allows REALTORS® to sync and streamline everything you need to keep your information in one place, accessible at all times.

Not only is the technology convenient, there are tangible results to embracing it. A recent survey concluded that real estate agents who spent more on technology earned the most  – $100,000 or more per annum, whereas those who took less advantage of technology earned less. Investing in high-quality mobile technology is an investment in future earnings and will help keep REALTORS® ahead of the curve.

Sync and Streamline

It’s estimated that there will be 115.8 million smartphone users in the U.S. by the end of 2012, with that number growing to 176.3 million by 2015. The majority of REALTORS® were quick to adopt smartphone technology, but some have still not optimized all the features available to them.

First and foremost, choose a mobile phone that offers the capabilities you need. Do your research on what Apple, Android, Windows and Palm devices have to offer before selecting a device that’s right for you. Synching work and personal email is a basic step, but one that some REALTORS® never bother to complete. Most calendars sync automatically between email and mobile devices, ensuring that you don’t miss any important meetings or appointments.

Apple products can sync through the iCloud, making it easy to have everything available and updated on laptops, computers and mobile devices, while Android users can sync through Google’s cloud, keeping documents and files updated on all platforms.

Mobile Apps for REALTORS®


Besides keeping all your information in one place, there are a number of handy apps for REALTORS® to make you even more productive. One of the most useful apps for transferring large files is Dropbox, which circumvents file size restrictions of most email platforms. Simply upload a large file to Dropbox from your home computer and it will be available on your mobile phone, or send it to clients or partners with the click of a button. Docusign, a REALTOR Benefits® partner, offers REALTORS® the ability to have clients sign documents electronically rather than in person or by fax. REALTORS® on the go might also find value in a handy app called Dragon Dictation, which types out words as you dictate into your phone – a great time saver.

Helpful NAR Apps


The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® offers a number of apps for REALTORS® to help you get the latest information and tips on your mobile devices. The Member Guide is available at the app store, as is the NAR Annual and NAR Midyear app, which provides detailed event information. REALTORS® can download NAR eBooks and MP3s in the Virtual Library, or use the MID Calculator App with clients to estimate tax savings value of the Mortgage Interest Rate Deduction. These apps and more will REALTORS® in the field access all the information they need at any time. See a full list of apps here.


Effective Presentations on Tablets


More than 55 million iPads were sold through the end of 2011 and the technology has become a powerful presentation tool for REALTORS®. Making your presentations iPad friendly is not only a great demonstration tool, but the ability to physically hand the device to clients and have them scroll through data and images gives them a sense of empowerment in the process. For example, creating and using reports with the Realtors Property Resource®, including historical and demographics data, is a persuasive tool that every REALTOR® can use to help communicate and close the deal.

How have you maximized your mobile technology? Have you used any handy apps that helped your productivity? Share your experiences in the comments below.

  1. Here are a couple more:

    Mobile devices also give access to social media, allowing REALTORS(R) to keep their networks up-to-date through social sites like Twitter, Facebook, LInkedIn, blogs, and more. GPS-enabled map applications help REALTORS(R) give buyers an overview of neighborhood features.

    As mobile devices become even more powerful, more capability (through technology and apps) are sure to follow… and that will provide REALTORS(R) with even more exciting opportunities in the future!

  2. There is no doubt that mobile is going to be the next big thing. Around 50% of all mobile users in USA & UK are already on smart phones.

    There is no doubt that, shortly we will see more people have smart phones than a laptop of desktop.

    Don’t under estimate the mobile revolution and be ready for it. 🙂