10 New Apps for REALTORS®

REALTORS® have hundreds of choices to make when determining which mobile apps will help them be more productive and better connected. The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® offers a number of great apps but technology is moving at lightning pace and there are cool new apps on the market every week. Here’s a list of 10 of the newest apps that REALTORS® can use to further their business.

1. MagicPlan


Version 1 was downloaded by more than one million people and version 2.0 works out some of the kinks of this amazing floor plan generator. MagicPlan creates floor plans by taking pictures of rooms, exporting them into PDF, JPG and DXF formats so you can posts images or even design interactive floor plans. It takes some getting used to but the technology is amazing and REALTORS® should find value in this amazing app. FREE

2. Instagram



While not new, Instagram recently became available to Android users, pushing the popular photo-sharing app into the stratosphere. Now more than five million new users download Instagram each week with the platform hosting 50 million people and growing. Instagram ensures that you’ll never take a bad picture. Its filters lend an artistic look to each photo, it links to Facebook, Twitter, email and Tumblr and Instagram is its own social media channel. REALTORS® can use Instagram to promote listings, neighborhood emenities or give their own personal brand some color – pushing these updates to their social platforms. FREE

3. Clear


Of the hundreds of to-do apps in the marketplace, Clear is one of the most user-friendly and with a 4.5 star rating, one of the more popular to-do apps out there. Clear focuses on a visual interface that acts like a heat map, color coding your tasks and allowing you to add, delete or check off items with little effort. Busy REALTORS® can use it for work and home life – always sure they haven’t left an important task off the list. If you want something a little less fancy but tried and true nonetheless, try Wunderlist for free. $2.99

4. LinkedIn


Every REALTOR® should be on LinkedIn, but until recently you had to be online to access the platform. Access your professional network from anywhere, following real estate groups, posting content and researching clients. FREE | Apple | Android

5. Google Drive


Keep everything. Share everything. That’s the tagline for Google Drive, which allows you to store all your files in one place so you can access them any time from anywhere. Google Drive lets you access photos, documents and files stored on your Google Drive and share any file you want with contacts. You’ll never be left standing at a listing needing a valuable document that’s back at the office ever again. FREE

6. Zite


A personalized magazine that learns what you like and gets smarter with each use. Zite will handle the dirty work of curating the content you want – from real estate news, housing, home improvement, finance, social media – any topic you’re curious about but don’t have the time to search the web to find valuable articles on. Zite lets you share articles you like, give them thumbs up or thumbs down, and choose to receive more from certain sources or block others. FREE | Apple | Android

7. Draw Something, Words with Friends, Scramble with Friends


What do games have to do with being a successful REALTOR®? A lot, it turns out. Three of the most downloaded games are Draw Something, Words with Friends and Scramble with Friends – apps that are built to be social. Draw Something is like Pictionary with a friend, Words with Friends is like Scrabble and Scramble with Friends is like Boggle. REALTORS® can play with family and friends, but they can use these fun games to connect with partners, clients and potential clients in a pressure-free environment. Each of these apps allow you to locate people you’re friends with on Facebook or connected to on Twitter and play games with them. It’s a great way to show your personal side, plus your drawing and spelling skills may just improve. FREE | Apple | Android

8. Doubletwist Alarm


Available only on Android, the stunning Doubletwist Alarm is the perfect way to start your day. Ditch your standard, grating alarm clock and try this app which is a smarter way to sleep and wake up. Doubletwist offers suggestions on when to wake up so you feel truly refreshed, suggesting times to go to bed or wake up. Multiple alarm settings are also available as is a library you can use to set songs for waking up. Last but not least, the display and design is amazing and beautiful, making Android users happy and iPhone owners jealous. $1.99

9. Mint.com


One of the most popular personal finance apps of 2012, the Mint.com app allows you to track, budget and manage your money all in one place. Add bank, credit, loan and retirements accounts to Mint and the program automatically pulls in and categorizes your transactions, helping you track and budget your money. The app is safe and secure and gives you access to all your financial information at all times. FREE | Apple | Android

10. Find My iPhone


There’s no worse feeling than realizing that you’ve lost your wallet, purse or bag. Well, maybe the feeling you get when you realize you’ve misplaced your phone. Good thing there’s an app for that. Recently updated to fix some earlier bugs, Find My iPhone helps you locate your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac by using another iOS device to track its whereabouts. You can see where your device is located (hopefully at the office or in the couch cushions) or, if it’s in the hands of a stranger, display a message, play a sound, remotely lock the device or erase the data on it completely. Now, where did I leave my keys? FREE

What do you think of the list above or what apps can you not live without? Share your reviews, opinions and suggestions in the comments.

  1. 10 New Apps for Realtors!!! This is very valuable information and I appreciate your sharing it with us. I am always looking for cutting edge programs to set myself aparty from the competition!. Keep this information coming! CatieGarcia.com

  2. Great info…thanks for sharing…I can’t wait to start using them.

  3. I have a 411 app that will get me phone numbers and addresses, a scanning app that will scan a document and convert it to a PDF I can email to someone, and my calculator. They are the ones I use most often. Most other apps just take up room on my phone and eat up my battery. I would like that Magic Plan app, but I need to upgrade my iPhone to get it.

  4. Great list of apps. I currently have some of those apps as well. Some other interesting ones are: http://pinterest.com/gabriellejeans/real-estate-agent-smart-phone-and-tablet-apps/

  5. laina

    Hi! Could you share those apps you spoke of, liketo the 411?

    Thanks a lot!!

  6. Grace Schaffer

    I thought it was some really good information and have downloaded a couple of the apps! Thank you!

  7. Pam MacConnell

    I could not live without Evernote on my iPhone, iPad and PC. It synchs across all platforms and keeps track of all of my notes. I can also scan and email to it. I have set up notebooks based on topics and now hardly ever use a real paper pad and a pen!

  8. In need of number crunching you and your clients can understand? Check out the “10bii Financial Calculator” for iPhone, Ipad, Mac desktop, and Android. There are helpful “easy modes”, amortization schedules that can be emailed, and, easy display, and cashflow diagrams. Test out the “Easy Money Planner Free” too!

  9. I was so excited to hear that instagram became available on android. Alas, my samsung vibrants firmware is too old to load it.

  10. It’s amazing how much functionality you can get for free with these apps! Thanks NAR!

  11. iDreamAGENT currently available for iOS, is a home buyer data collection tool allowing easy note and picture taking of prospective properties. All data is uploaded To our website for easy review. V2.0 is in the works now, offering a more robust home tour and rating system as well as a closed feedback loop for agents and buyers to communicate. Also adding GPS locator and MLS integration. iDreamAGENT

  12. Hi karen i would love to get that 411 app and the scanning app.Please let me know where i can find it.

  13. victor rabanal

    very helpful information, thank you.

  14. Keep them coming!!! Great way for us Realtors to use the power of the mastermind to become more savvy with technology. Thanks.

  15. Love all these apps. Had an app on my iphone for personal security at open house but lost it when I upgraded to the 5; it was created by an agent. Any suggestions?