6 Tips for Jumpstarting your Real Estate Blog

Are you a REALTOR® looking to jumpstart your struggling or stagnant real estate blog? Maybe you haven’t been paying it as much attention lately, or maybe your traffic has been dwindling. Maybe you’ve just plateaued and started to lose interest. If you want to get back in the game and breathe new life into your blog, here are 6 Tips for Jumpstarting your Real Estate Blog.

1. Create a Content Calendar and Stick to it

Just like setting up showing dates and times or planning out any marketing activity, REALTORS® should set up a publishing schedule, whether that’s once a week, twice a week, or daily. The more your audience can count on consistent content the more likely they will be to keep coming back. If you can add daily themes all the better; for example: Mondays, local real estate trends; Wednesdays, sales tips; Fridays, a link roundup of other REALTOR® blogs. Here’s a great resource from Pushing Social, How to build a blog editorial calendar even if you don’t know where to start.

2. Maximize your Blog’s Social Potential

REALTORS® should make sure their blog is linked to any websites or social channels they have (like Twitter) and be sure that they’re regularly promoting blog posts on those channels. You might also consider installing social widgets on your blog for Twitter, Facebook or other networks you use regularly. But don’t overdo it; stick to your favorite social networks.

3. Guest Posts

Write them and accept them. Guest posts are not only a great way to connect with other bloggers in the real estate industry, but they’re also effective for driving new traffic to your blog, and it works both ways (guest posting elsewhere or publishing new authors on your blog). You might also look for local online newspapers that publish articles by community contributors. AnnArbor.com is a great example of how you can develop a voice and build a following outside your own blog.

4. Redefine your Goals

The who, what and why of your blog. Think back to when you first started writing your blog. Was your purpose to land more clients and sell more homes? Maybe you found yourself writing posts to impart your knowledge on other REALTORS®. It’s okay to change your goals, as long as you recognize that change. Ask yourself why you write and who your write for, and the WHAT you write should naturally follow.

5. Measure Success with Analytics

Blogging, as with most creative endeavors, feels better when you can see clear improvement and development. By keeping track of your visitors and measuring your traffic you’ll be able to make changes to content and measure your success. Start by installing Google Analytics or other analytics on your blog. See what posts get the most traffic and tailor your subsequent content to fit your audience’s interests.

6. Give Yourself a Break

No, not from blogging again — give yourself a break from the pressure to be the best blogger. REALTORS® are accustomed to dealing with high pressure all the time, so there’s a tendency to apply that same pressure to blogging. Maybe that’s what stifled your writing to begin with. This time, focus on doing the writing that you enjoy, and celebrate the small victories. Every new reader is a new connection, and we know how important connections are in the real estate business.

Do you have experience breathing new life into a blog that had been losing some steam? What advice do you have for other REALTORS® who looking to get back into the blogging game?

  1. Great article! If you had to pick, what would you say has more value, bringing in a guest blogger or being a guest blogger?


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    Great article – this will help me create my blog