REALTOR® Olympics | Winning Gold in Real Estate

Competing in real estate has more in common with the Olympic games than you may have guessed. Preparation and determination are key to being a successful REALTOR® in any one single sale. But to be a champion in real estate, you need to be skilled in a wide variety of events — think of real estate as a pentathlon and you’ll achieve ultimate success.

100 Meter Dash: Short Sales and Foreclosures — REALTORS® face stiff competition when handling short sales. The competition is fast with aggressive inventors and salespeople who move quickly to turn over properties and game the system. To compete in this market you need to get a good jump and sprint through the finish. Don’t come up short when faced with short sales. Keep your head up and win the race.

Marathon: Selling to Millennials and First-Time Homebuyers — Selling property to buyers new to the housing market requires you to run that extra mile for your client. Many questions basic questions about mortgages, neighborhoods and property values and assessments can come up. Remember, this is not a sprint. Take the time to answer questions and to give advice that is clear and consistent. Slow and steady will win this race. For tips on selling to new, young buyers, check out our blog posts, Who Are Gen Y and What Do They Want From Me? and 10 Tips for Selling to First-Time Homebuyers.

Synchronized Swimming: Running a Brokerage — Synchronized swimmers are judged on their ability to stay on the same page with their team, which is not so different from working as a broker. While the buyer and seller might have different goals and skill sets, everyone needs to tread water at the same pace in order to close the deal. When it’s not enough to just stay afloat, keeping the team in line is essential. If you’re interested in keeping sales in sync, you may want to be a broker.

Hurdles: Avoiding Marketing Roadblocks in Real Estate — As with hurdles in the marketplace, Olympic hurdles are minor obstacles that get in the way of a successful finish. But if you’re skilled at taking care of the automatics and avoiding pitfalls like poorly like boring email campaigns and lack of analytics, you’ll be able to focus on the big picture on the fast-track to success. Since the best way to avoid a hurdle is to practice jumping it, here are 8 Marketing Mistakes REALTORS® Should Avoid.

Boxing: Landing as Many Sales as Possible — In real estate, like Olympic boxing, it’s not always about how hard you hit, it’s how many points you can score. REALTORS® who constantly keep their client funnel active and open and don’t look for one or two big scores are more likely to win over the course of multiple rounds. One of the best ways to land multiple combinations is to diversify your punch arsenal by keeping up with real estate designations and certifications. If you have the stamina to work a constant amount of business you’ll take home real estate gold.

Do you have a favorite sports analogy when it comes to selling real estate? What gets you motivated to bring your A-game?

  1. Great Advice…..even though we strive for and never pass the finishline it is always in sight.