Who Are the Echo Boomers and Why Should REALTORS® Care?

Get ready for Echo Boomers to become major players in buying and selling real estate. Young adults born between 1982 and 1995 — “echoing” the Baby Boom generation — are already at the age for entering the real estate market. Echo Boomers are much different from the Baby Boomers, and present unique challenges and opportunities for REALTORS® ready to help get them into a home.

Echo Boomers have a different perception of the “American Dream” than their parents did. Owning a home is not necessarily at the top of their list.

Echo Boomers prefer graduate degrees, living in social areas (not suburbs) and freedom instead of homeownership. And as USA Today points out, only 20% of Echo Boomers rank owning a home as a priority. Still, while marriage rates among Echo Boomers might be lower, this is group may just define traditional roles their own unique way — Generation Y still values family and children.

With different attitudes about the American Dream and what makes a “good” life, REALTORS® can succeed with this group of young buyers by appealing specifically to what’s important to this demographic. Echo Boomers want to be near walk-able, diverse neighborhoods. Smaller houses that are closer to work are often desirable because Echo Boomers tend to prefer walking or biking commute instead of long drives on congested expressways. For more information, the Echo Boom Bomb has a list of some of the services Generation Y values.

Perhaps another reason Echo Boomers prefer urban areas is that they tend to stay in jobs for less than two years, so they need to live in a market where there is access to new career opportunities — career opportunities that, they happen to be looking for on social media, according to Mashable. Connect with Echo Boomers by embracing the tools they’re already using. This is a group that might never own a landline telephone, and might never work in the same place for more than a couple of years. To catch their eye you need to follow the trends and catch up with them on social media. For tips on using social media in real estate, check our REALTOR®s Guide so Social Media.

Remember, it’s not that Echo Boomers don’t want to own homes, it’s that they want to own THEIR homes, not their parents’. If homes have good social space like porches and dining areas in a family-friend and dynamic neighborhood, Echo Boomers will be able to picture themselves moving in.

Do you have experience working with the Echo Boom generation? What differences do they have with their parents? What do they have in common with the Baby Boomers?

  1. As a new generation of home buyers emerge, we as Realtors, are once again reminded that we must remain up-to-date with what current home buyers are looking for in a home purchase. Great article!

  2. Greatly appreciated! We should have to learn the attitude of the different segment of the population. Knowing this will guide us in providing services to them. Very useful to Realtors.

  3. As a younger Realtor who was born in 1982 and has been selling real estate since 2005, I belive I have an advantgage over a lot of realtors when it comes to working with this demographic.

  4. Joan Dean

    I deal mostly with echo boomers, in a rural area of washington state.. they are the ages of my children, with young kids who want the same good schools they grew up with, a bit of acreage if they can afford it, but a house in town with a fenced yard if they can’t.. they are gamers and tech users.. one client could not look at houses on thursday nights, because of the magic the gathering tourney… and was blown off by another agent because he was young…

  5. I find articles like this interesting. I’m an “echo boomer” as well, however I feel that this description does not suit me or many others in my age group. I see the usefulness of studying trends to better understand a certain demographic, but if we allow that to be the main determining factor in our approach to helping them, we might come off as insensitive, condescending, or ignorant. I would always suggest that rather than using assumptive reasoning based off of numerical trends, it’s always better to remain adaptable and perceptive to the people you work with regardless of what demographic they belong to.

  6. The article is right on the money. I am the mother of four echo boomers, one is a Boston real estate professional as well, and the truth is the city is the place to be for these young professionals. The graduate degree has become a must if you want to advance and mobility is the key to exploiting opportunities. Social media plays a huge role in the branding of business and connecting face to face for the first impression is a thing of the past!

  7. As a real estate coach, I stress this type of “values based” sales approach for buyers with my clients; the results have been amazing. Knowing what drives a demographic group creates the opportunity for an relationship oriented conversation. Thanks for the valuable content!

  8. As an echo boomer born in ’87, I’ve learned that many echo boomers would love to purchase a home but some are not familiar with the process. They just need the advantages of homeownership and the process to be explained. Love the article.