REALTOR® Guide to Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns are a great way for REALTORS® to stay connected to real estate clients. Whether your clients are active in the real estate market or simply taking their time to make the right decision, email marketing will help promote both your listings and your personal brand, and can also be an effective tool for landing new clients. And while email marketing requires a bit of technological know-how, many of the basics are probably similar to other marketing initiatives you’re already working on. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Select an Email Service


MailChimp and Constant Contact are two great examples of services that provide customizable templates so your emails have a personal touch. Current and prospective clients will be more likely to read the material, since the message will come directly from you. If possible, make sure your service is optimized for smartphones; mobile, now more than ever, is where people consume their information.

Write, Edit and Proofread


The content and presentation of your email newsletter is perhaps the most important aspect of a successful campaign. Make sure you write compelling copy, and be sure it’s free of errors or misleading information. You don’t want to damage a brand that you’ve worked hard to build because of a minor typo. Remember, email newsletters are not very different from direct mail. REALTOR® Magazine’s 13 Tips for Better Direct Mail Campaigns offers a lot of advice that applies to email as well.

Match the Branding to Your Other Initiatives


The look and feel of your email newsletter should walk in-step with your other real estate advertising and business cards. The email newsletter is part of your brand, and should align with an overall strategy. Keep your colors, fonts, logos and slogans as consistent as possible so that clients or prospective clients get the same look and feel whether they get an email from you, visit your website or pick up your business card.

Promote Through Social Media


Link to your email newsletter through social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Social media will help you earn new subscribers to your email newsletter, and could also earn you a reputation among your contemporaries as a leader in real estate marketing. For additional tips on integrating your email newsletter with social media and online marketing, visit our Guide to Measuring Online Marketing Results for REALTORS®.

Segment Your Customers


If you have a diverse client base, customize your newsletters to suit their interest. Commercial real estate clients, for example, might not be interested in residential listings. And vice versa. The mail services listed above offer check boxes to opt certain subscribers in and out of information relevant to their interests. You can segment by listing price, geography or separate first-time homebuyers from the rest of the pack.

Track Your Email Marketing Results


Most email newsletter services offer data on how subscribers interact with the message you’re sending. You can also use Google Analytics or other tracking data to see how your subscribers are interacting with your newsletter — adjust accordingly. Are your subscribers interested in property listings or in articles on the local market? The more you know about your customers’ interests the better you’ll be able to serve them.

Are you running an email marketing campaign? What tactics do you find work best.

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