It’s Time for a REALTOR® Makeover

If you want to stay on top of the real estate profession it’s important to consistently evaluate your actions and to remain nimble in the face of changing technology. REALTORS®, like any profession, can get stuck in a rut, or in a repeatable course of action that works but might not be the best for growing and moving forward. Sometimes even the best plans need a bit of tweaking. For those in need of a real estate makeover, we’ve collected some of our best posts for evaluating your career and expanding your professional skill set —

Take a Break and Look Inward

Allow yourself time to step away from work. Take a vacation and assess what, if anything, is keeping you from moving forward. Is it an issue of motivation or training? Does working with difficult clients have you down? If work itself has become overbearing or tedious, check out these three blog posts:

1. REALTOR® guide to taming your workday
2. Tips for managing distractions
3. REALTOR® Guide to Managing Stress

Selling Yourself is Like Selling Property

Have you ever worked to sell and old property that you knew had character, but maybe needed a bit of fixing up? Sometimes it’s all in the presentation, and that goes for marketing yourself, too. Make sure you’re up to date on your real estate designations and certifications and get back to the basics. Remember when you were a new, aspiring REALTOR®? Harness that passion — many of our tips for new REALTORS® still apply.

As with taking quality pictures of your listings, make sure you’re presenting yourself well. Add new pieces to your wardrobe, or consider something smaller like new business cards. A small change can make you feel new again, whether you’re selling a variety of real estate or differentiating yourself in the market.

Keep Expanding Your Real Estate Skills

If you’re not moving forward you’re moving backward; there is no standing still. Take advantage of National Association of REALTOR® benefits like marketing and technology solutions, travel discounts, continuing education and certification, insurance and financial services. If you’re ready to grow and start your own brokerage, consider our REALTOR® Guide to Taking Your Business to the Next Level.

Be Present in New Real Estate Markets

With a new generation of young buyers, there are plenty of opportunities to be had, as long as you meet prospective clients where they work and play, which is often online. As an initial step jumpstart your real estate blog, and make sure you’re active in social media and using mobile applications for real estate professionals.

If you are active in the spaces where your clients spend their time, you’ll have an easier time getting to know the Echo Boomers and Millennials, and for that matter specializing in selling real estate to seniors, who themselves are becoming a tech-savvy group.

Have you reinvented yourself as a REALTOR® before? What advice do you have for a successful professional makeover?