The FedEx and FedEx Office® Guide for REALTORS® | Guest Post

The FedEx Guide for REALTORS® | Guest Post

FedEx offers a host of marketing and shipping solutions for REALTORS® looking to grow their business.  As one of the many perks of NAR’s REALTOR Benefits® Program, REALTORS® can enroll in the FedEx Advantage® program and save on the services real estate agents use most, including printing, binding, indoor and outdoor signs, vehicle and promotional magnets, and of course, shipping across the country. Not to mention REALTORS® earn 25% more FedEx Rewards points than the average customer.

The FedEx Guide for REALTORS®

FedEx is proud to team up with NAR to help REALTORS® with their printing, copying, marketing and shipping needs. With more than 1,800 FedEx Office locations in the U.S., members enrolled in the program can stop by any physical location or print and copy online with FedEx Office® Print Online at any time.  Here are some of the ways REALTORS® can take advantage of the FedEx program:

Presentations, Reports and Marketing Materials

Need to create a marketing report for a potential client? Looking to print an in-depth portfolio about a property or listing? Want to create specialized guides to neighborhoods that can be bound and shared with potential clients? We offer savings of 40% on core print and copy services and 30% on other select services to create marketing reports, neighborhood guides, listing presentations, newsletters, open house flyers and more. REALTORS® can save nearly half off the printing side, then get fancier with options like coil, comb, strip and book binding, or creating covered binders for larger reports.

Choose finishing services for presentation and reports — adding everything from tabs to laminating, padding, folding, and frosted covers. Imagine handing a potential client a bound guide to the neighborhood with sections on local parks, schools, shopping and health care services all detailed in one professionally-bound book.

Signs and Banners

Here at FedEx, we’re experts at creating professional and eye-catching indoor and outdoor signs and banners. REALTORS® can take advantage of 30% discounts on signs, banners and other select services, which include grommets for hanging indoor and outdoor banners or lamination and mounting for posters. For example, you can create a beautiful 3 x 5 outdoor promotional banner for home stagings and events that will last at least six months.

You can also choose to produce PVC plastic or metal signs for the outdoors that will last up to two years, giving you a durable and attractive open house sign that will never let you down. Professionally produced signs and banners will catch a prospective buyer’s eye and could be the difference between someone stopping into an open house or driving right by.

Vehicle and Promotional Magnets

Market even when you’re not trying. We offer attractive, affordable and professional services for producing magnets for promotional, in-hand use or for vehicles. Create vehicle magnets as a perfect way to add non-permanent personal or company identifications to cars and trucks, which can be easily removed whenever you’d like. Magnets can be custom-designed using your existing artwork, with rounded corners, text, logos and multiple colors and last up to one year with proper care.

Promotional magnets are a great way to break the mold of the everyday business card and work great for open houses, leave-behinds or as something for clients and potential clients to take and stick on their fridge to remember you by — great for real estate agents who work in residential and commercial property sales. Promotional magnets are long-lasting and affordable and are a great addition to any agent’s marketing packet.

FedEx® Shipping

One of the most valuable discounts available to REALTORS® is on FedEx shipping.  With up to 26% off select FedEx Express® shipments and up to 12% off select FedEx Ground® shipments, REALTORS® who need to ship important contracts and professional documents fast and securely can save tons through our discount program. REALTORS® can also use FedEx for personal use — shipping packages and gifts around the holidays or sending their own important documents. The savings add up.

FedEx® Rewards

Every penny put towards our products and services can help you earn valuable rewards points. REALTORS® enrolled in the FedEx Rewards program earn 25% more points towards items in the FedEx rewards catalogue. The catalogue is full of cool things like bicycles, camping gear and gift cards. FedEx rewards points can also be put towards exciting auctions. REALTORS® can enjoy a few extra perks along the way just by doing their everyday business with FedEx.

If you haven’t already enrolled in the FedEx Advantage® savings program, click the link and get started today.  Members must be enrolled in the program created for NAR members to receive these benefits mentioned above.  Use passcode LCRS8P25.