Useful Mobile Apps for REALTORS®

Periodically, The Member’s Edge lists mobile applications (apps) for busy REALTORS® looking for ways to improve efficiencies, communications and overall business lifestyles. Following are several apps that recently caught our eye:


1. YouMail Visual Voicemail

There will be a time when you are not in a convenient place to engage in a live conversation on your smart phone. However, the call may contain a vital piece of information that you need for what you are working on right now. Wouldn’t it be convenient to simply get an email of that information sent to your smartphone in real time? That’s exactly what the Youmail Visual Voicemail app does. Even voice mails that are not immediately received by your cell phone due to a bad signal will be sent to your email. $4.99/Mo.AppleAndroid

2. Animoto

Upload images from your computer or grab from Facebook, Instagram, Picasa, Flickr or elsewhere to create wonderful property photo video montages. Animoto allows you to establish a professional-quality visual story of your listings and share them with buyers, agents and other interested parties. You can even add a fun music soundtrack for each property file. FREEAppleAndroid

3. Dropbox

Offer letters, home inspection results, estimates for house repairs, recent tax bills, etc. The list of documents that buyers and sellers will need grows as deals get nearer to close. And oftentimes busy agents are forced to re-send documents that were sent several times prior. With the Dropbox app a password-protected file can be created that allows critical documents to be available for all parties to view in one single folder. Documents can be updated or edited with changes viewable to all in real time. FREEAppleAndroid

4. CamScanner

Turn any Smartphone into a scanner with CamScanner. This app is a great fit for busy brokers who want to scan, sync, edit, share and manage various contents on the spot, particularly signed documents that need to be sent to colleagues during fast-moving negotiations. CamScanner employs a cropping and enhancing feature that leads to clearer images. Once scanned, the information can be saved as a PDF and easily shared or saved in the cloud. FREEAppleAndroid

5. Mortgage Calculator

Most people have a pretty good idea what they can afford when it comes to taking on a mortgage, but it never hurts to have instant access to a variety of finances on your Smartphone. This is one of many useful apps like it that bring immediate access to monthly payments with a few simple entries, such as principle payment percentage, amount to be mortgaged, current interest rates and time to pay off loans. Charts and amortization tables are provided. FREEAppleAndroid

6. Foursquare

Foursquare is a location-based social media network that real estate agents can use to tag listings. Use the app to promote properties as a place of interest to other real estate brokers or home buyers who may be in the area. Combine with Instagram linking viewers to photo montages of appealing or unique features such as outdoor scenic gardens or fall foliage that may be seasonally appealing. Key selling features inside the home are also great things to post. Home buyers and other agents using Foursquare will come across your postings each time they log onto their account and are geographically nearby your listing’s location. FREEAppleAndroid

7. Glossary Real Estate Terms

Even if you think you know every real estate word ever created, there may come a time when certain industry terms are unfamiliar. This app provides instant access to a wealth of real estate terms and what they mean. Ideal for newcomers to the industry, this app may also come in handy for seasoned veterans as well. In either case, invite curious buyer and seller customers to check out this app as a means to learn more about the real estate industry at large. Doing so will help build trust with clients. FREE │ Apple (Not Available) │ Android

8. SMS Reader

It’s human nature to want to read text messages and emails as you are driving, particularly during the business day. It is also illegal nearly everywhere for obvious reasons. This app allows busy agents to listen to emails and TXT messages aloud while driving. Fee-based versions lets users respond via voice. This app allows agents to get work done while driving while greatly reducing the risk of causing an accident. FREEAppleAndroid

9. Real Estate, Homes

Share this app with consumer customers for sure, but also use it yourself to find homes that are both for sale and rent. Homes can now be sorted based on school and district assignment boundaries. This app gives instant access to property photos, tax data, home sales history and school ratings. Custom searches can be defined by areas on a map. Details about open houses, recently-sold homes and rentals are available with one simple touch. FREEAppleAndroid

10. NAR Member Center

Member Center app offers exclusive access to member benefits from the The National Association of REALTORS®.   Access the information you use most, including the latest benefits, association contact information, educational programs, advocacy updates and more. You can also use the app to customize your membership card and get the latest personalized information on events from your primary State and Local Associations. FREEAppleAndroid

One More to Consider

One website to consider visiting is, where real estate professionals recommend and share creative ways they use apps for their  business.   Visit this site often to learn how to use well-known apps in ways you never before thought were possible to benefit your business. Also check out REALTOR® Magazine’s Best of the Web 2013: Apps article for a list of REALTOR® Magazine‘s picks for 2013.