Best Content Marketing to Drive the Business You Want

REALTORS® who are serious about proactively marketing their services will use a wide variety of tools to promote their business. Websites, blog postings, emails, e-newsletters, postcards, etc. are just a few examples of marketing content assets distributed through traditional and digital marketing platforms. As you create these assets, keep the following tips in mind to maximize their effectiveness.

Know what your clients want

Buyers or sellers may be considering a starter condo, a multi-million-dollar mansion or something in between, but they will all want assurance you are qualified to represent them. That’s why promoting you yourself as a highly-skilled industry expert will be most important. Knowledge of the marketplace, strong negotiation skills, focus on customer service and dogged attention to detail are skills you will likely want to promote.

Educate your audience

What specific area of the real estate industry will most likely present the best opportunities for success? Short sales? Mid-priced homes? Luxury or resort properties? Whatever your sweet spot is be sure to educate buyers about shifting trends and/or economic conditions that will affect property values and sales. For example, did a local school just obtain top rankings for the area? Do hidden association fees in a community more than offset perceived savings gained in lower purchase prices? If so, build your position as a local real estate expert by creating content addressing these trends.

Pay attention to keywords & titles

How many times have you used the words “best” or “most qualified” when doing a Google search? Utilization of keywords like these command attention, especially when included in headlines. Consider the following sample headline: “Best Ways to Maximize Pre-qualified Mortgage Letters.” A blog posting with this title would be of keen interest to highly-qualified buyers if it also provides five tips on how buyers can use their strong purchasing position to get a great housing deal.

Keep providing new content

Truly dynamic marketing campaigns never stop evolving. Months should not pass without new content being created to serve your customers. You should have a calendar outlining asset creation dates throughout the year. Start by creating two assets a month and build from there. Find simple messaging tactics such as shorter blog postings under 250 words to make the process more manageable. You’ll be surprised how this effort will gain increasing attention over time.

Be available to answer questions

When a customer reaches out to you be sure to respond promptly. Your contact information must be current and direct inquiries to a place you check daily. Prompt response to questions builds immediate trust. Delays suggest you don’t have your act together.

There are countless ways to build content that promotes your services in a beneficial way. Through content marketing, you can nurture these digital conversations into motivated and loyal clients, according to REALTOR Magazine’s article, “How Content Marketing Can Get You More Leads.” Also, check out a blog posted on entitled “12 Tenets of Content Marketing” for more immediate tips. Brokers who end 2013 building and distributing targeted marketing will likely find more business coming their way in 2014 than those who do not.

Have you established a simplistic way to consistently generate targeted  marketing content that drives interest in your business? Please share your experiences in the space below.