Best of the Web for REALTORS® in 2013

Web-based technology can vastly improve a real estate agent’s ability to take his or her business to the next level. And several apps and websites have evolved as cutting-edge winners for real estate brokers, according to the “REALTOR® Magazine’s Best of the Web 2013” feature published in the September/October issue of REALTOR® Magazine.

The article covers a number of Web-based and mobile application solutions that enable REALTORS® to improve efficiencies, create better marketing collateral, and bring more value to clients.  The following are just a few of the tools covered in the REALTOR® Magazine article.

  • allows real estate agents to email a wealth of articles, slide shows, and videos to individuals looking for tips on how to maintain and increase the value of their homes. This resource helps real estate brokers build relationships and trust with clients by providing value-added information to them on a regular basis.
  • is a fun real estate online magazine covering 13 U.S. cities. This niche publication allows brokers to keep track of useful developments and trends in these markets. From repurposed buildings to neighborhood news to celebrity deals, Curbed provides news you can use to better serve your clients.
  • allows real estate brokers to repurpose news articles, blog posts, tweets and other online content into a digital magazine that can be easilyshared with contacts. REALTORS® can even include outstanding personal content on their own website within their Flipboard magazines. Flipboard is a perfect tool for real estateagents looking to better position themselves as real estate experts who are in touch with the latest industry trends.
  • is dynamic presentation software that helps brokers tell a story through videos rather than slides. Easy-to-use and ideal for virtual walk-through property content, Prezi promotes the warmth, character and overall charm of a home. Movie-like quality videos can be viewed on tablets and smartphones to instantly engage would-be buyers.
  • is a mobile app for simplistically collecting and finding everything that is important to an end user. With this app you can snap a photo, clip entire Web pages, record audio of meetings, store files, save receipts, scan contracts and more. You can also use Evernote as a tool to share ideas with clients during showings. Set the need for paper-based notebooks aside and keep all the little things that you may need access to later in a single place with Evernote.

There are, of course, an abundance other apps and toolsavailable to make REALTORS® more efficient and effective. Some require modest fee-based service contracts, but many others are free of charge. Brokers who embrace these Web-based tools as part of running their businesses will be better equipped to address customer needs, as well as build trust with both buyers and sellers alike.

Have you come to rely on an effective website, mobile app or other web-based resource in a way that has greatly helped your business? If so let us know all about it in the space listed below.

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