Realtors Property Resource® Brings Complete Real Estate Property Listings to Your Fingertips

In today’s real estate market, most home buyers want more than basic pricing, lot size and square footage details before they will even consider visiting a real estate property listing in   person. That’s why Realtors Property Resource® (RPR®) offers a key advantage to real estate professionals looking to establish themselves as experts in their market.

RPR® is a dynamic database covering more than 160-million properties nationally. REALTORS® can integrate important Multiple Listing Service information into an RPR® report that also contains a wealth of other significant real estate data to tell the entire story about a home, neighborhood or city. Users can pull from more than 100 datasets to create comprehensive and customized reports instantly for a real estate property that match unique buyer interests.

Key benefits to using RPR® are the flexibility and time savings to REALTORS® who want to present a wide variety of real estate property data to their clients. REALTORS® do not need to search through multiple databases to find criteria like: school attendance zones and test scores, FEMA flood plain maps, distressed properties, mortgage and tax information and so much more. All this is available in one single resource,

Creating customized reports is another RPR® time-saving benefit. Reports can be produced instantly to best-match criteria your clients deem most important. In addition, RPR® reports can be branded with a REALTOR’s® company logo and contact information. This allows REALTORS® to further promote themselves as highly-qualified real estate industry experts who know their market(s) inside and out.

RPR® is available exclusively to REALTORS® as part of their NAR dues and does not require any extra money. Specific tools are available for Real Estate Agents, Real Estate Brokers, Commercial Specialists, Appraisers, Association Specialists and those looking for MLS integration.

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