FREE Marketing Tools through® Help REALTORS® Grow Their Businesses in 2015

Maybe you are thinking that a five-star marketing plan needed to be in the works months ago in order to take your business to the next level in 2015. If so, think again.

Offered through®, Marketing Solutions for REALTORS® is the place to go for tools needed to drive new marketing initiatives in 2015—tools that can bring significant results to your business very quickly in this new year.

Marketing Solutions for REALTORS® offers a combination of fee-based and non-fee based solutions to members seeking new ways to drive brand awareness, increase customer loyalty and generate new listing and sales opportunities. Following are just a few of the FREE marketing solutions offered as a member benefit at no extra charge:

  •® Profile—according to a recent NAR survey, a majority of home buyers report that they transacted with an agent they knew personally through referrals and recommendations. Claiming your personal profile on® allows you to manage recommendations and connect with customers in your community. Use your profile to answer questions from potential buyers in your market, building credibility and customer loyalty. Your profile will make sure prospective customers know that you are a REALTOR®. It enables you to shout out to the world that you subscribe to a code of ethics and are accountable to a higher standard, which further builds a favorable reputation with your customer base. There’s even a white label version of your profile available to use as a personal website when you claim your .REALTOR domain.
  • Marketing Assessment—access a free assessment of how your current marketing strategies stack up against basic industry standards. Gain a firm understanding about how to improve your marketing planning, training, organization, prospecting and conversion rates.
  • New Agent Success Kitprovides everything from creating written goals and plans to achieve results to time management and financial investment parameters. This resource guides new REALTORS® in getting their businesses off to a great start that result in rewarding careers that are built to last.
  • Mobile Listing Builder—nearly half of Internet traffic is through mobile devices such as Smart Phones and tablets.® offers a free mobile listing marketing platform for your listings, including property specific mobile websites. This service enables REALTORS® to obtain a cutting-edge mobile listing solution that is compatible with Smart Phones, iPad products, and other mobile devices.
  • Housing Trends Newsletter—each month a Housing Trends eNewsletter is prepared for you, ready to go with fresh content and statistics. It’s a great way to show your community that you are aware of the changes in the marketplace, which helps convert longer-term prospects into revenue-generating clients.
  • Listing Presentation—gain access to the latest statistics from the NAR to help you get your clients’ homes sold. Show sellers how buyers are finding homes, in particular use this tool to demonstrate that 42% of U.S. Homes purchased were found online. Receive pages you can modify, showing how you address the online audience and the marketing you will provide to get the home sold.
  • Ultimate Business Plan—answer a series of questions about your real-estate business through an easy-to-navigate template, including your big-picture business objectives. From these responses, you will receive recommendations on specific tools needed to grow your business. Many of these are free and easy to use, plus assistance is also provided to help you set them up for those who need it.

Click here to visit the main Marketing Solutions for REALTORS® page provided by® to learn more. Or call 866-641-0484 to speak with a representative who will help you find the right marketing solutions for your business today.