Impact of Water Quality and Marketing Activities of Successful Real Estate Pros among Areas of Study in NAR’s Rosenthal Center ‘Journal of the Center for Real Estate Studies’

One top-level NAR resource all real estate professionals should know about is the Richard J. Rosenthal Center for Real Estate Studies. The Rosenthal Center provides practical, hands-on data and analysis relevant to the real estate trends and policy issues you care about. Based in Chicago, the Rosenthal Center serves as both a think tank and a research laboratory, targeting its resources toward REALTORS®, policy makers, legislators and the general public.

The Journal of the Center for Real Estate Studies is released by the Rosenthal Center twice per year. Recent issues of the Journal have included articles on: Generational Homeownership Trends, Residential Mobility, Forecasting Future Housing Demand, Time-on-the-Market as an Indicator of Market Conditions, Wind Farms and Housing Values, Quantitative Easing and Housing Markets, International Commercial Investment in the US, the Japanese Housing Market.

Volume 3, No. 2 of the Journal was released in October and covers the following topics:

  • Housing Costs and Commuting Distance—data demonstrates how households face a trade-off between housing costs and commuting costs. Using a database that connects residence and workplace neighborhoods in eight larger metropolitan areas, the study models the difference in housing costs as a function of estimated commuting distance.
  • The Impact of Water Quality on Housing Prices—research examines the relationship between measurements of the ambient water quality of major local estuaries and the sale prices of homes in Florida’s Martin and Lee counties over a four-year period, from 2010 through 2013.
  • Top Marketing Activities of Successful Real Estate Agents—study offers new insights for real estate agents to consider in their future marketing endeavors that go beyond the use of technology as the premier source of new business.
  • Next-Generation Real Estate, Intelligent Infrastructure, and the Global Platform for Commerce—research notes that as more cities, states and regions become concerned with attracting new corporate facilities and jobs in an effort to ensure regional economic sustainability, it becomes ever more important  to understand what is involved in creating a better infrastructure.

One of the many gJournal Cover Capturereat aspects of the Journal is that all REALTORS® can glean notes of relevance that apply to their specific geographic markets and areas of business specialty. Click here to read Volume 3, No. 2 of the Journal of the Center for Real Estate Studies.

About the Rosenthal Center:

The high-level research sponsored by the Richard J. Rosenthal Center for Real Estate Studies is distinct from other NAR efforts. While our research is academically rigorous, we extend beyond theory and methodology to the more applied, every day issues that practitioners can use in their business today and their career tomorrow. In addition to the Journal of the Center for Real Estate Studies, other areas of focus for the Rosenthal Center include:

  • Past Research Projects—offers a wide range of topics and issues available, several of which are sure to be relevant to your areas of focus.
  • Current Research Programs–cover numerous studies that are currently being conducted in conjunction with other organizations for the benefit of the real estate industry.
  • Recent Presentations—contains the latest presentations offered by NAR officials on topics of industry-wide appeal.
  • The Research Funding Process—explains the background of how research is funded.
  • REALTOR® University Speaker Series—contains overviews of the popular REALTOR® University Speakers Series that takes place in in the Washington D.C. NAR building up to twice monthly and addresses key issues affecting the real estate industry.

Learn more about the Richard J. Rosenthal Center for Real Estate Studies and the Journal of the Center for Real Estate Studies.